Apostle Michael W.G. Anson


Having been raised in a Christian home where his father and mentor was the Pastor of a large Baptist church in Los Angeles, California, as a young boy growing up in the hard core streets Apostle Michael W.G. Anson was given a fresh glimpse into the life of a Pastor and minister.  He admired his father’s level of integrity to the things of God as well as the eloquent way in which his father delivered sermons on Sunday.  Secretly he developed an inward desire to be just like him one day.  Under the anointing of the Holy Spirit his father prophesied over him that one day he would walk in his footsteps which both intrigued and frightened him.

In the summer of 1978, while attending a youth camp meeting in Clanton, Alabama he had an encounter with God that would completely alter his life forever.  Little did he know at the time that he would go through a series of life experiences and challenges which were necessary over a course of time for the Lord to put in order all the pieces necessary to equip him for what would turn out to be a lifetime of ministry and service.

In 1989, after a series of prophetic words were once again spoken over his life, Apostle Anson accepted his call into the ministry and came under the discipleship training of Elder Earl Singletary of the First Church of God in Christ where he received his first ministerial license.  In 2006 he received pastoral credentials from the Evangelical Association of Canada

He has been in ministry for over 18 years.  He is the Senior Pastor of “Streams of Living Water Outreach Ministries of St. John's Antigua and the Administrative Director for Inter Caribbean Evangelism Ministries, Int'l.  In 2007 the Lord spoke to him concerning a new dimension in Christian Web Technology and instructed him to build and open a web design/web hosting company called “Inspired Concepts Effective Managing, Inc.” as an affiliate company to Inter Caribbean Evangelism Ministries, Int'l.  He now operates in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer of this company.  He has been called by God to the office of Apostle with a strong anointing as a psalmist and worship leader.  He is the co-author, editor and graphic designer of the current series of books written by his wife entitled "The Little Foxes That Spoil The Vine" and has written numerous devotionals on a wide variety of subjects as well as Gospel plays and music while teaching in seminars and training sessions.  In addition, he is also praying over a new concept for writing a novel which will be an account of his life and times both before and after having received Christ as his Saviour and after having accepted his call into the ministry.

Ministerial Challenges
Associate Minister - First Church of God In Christ - Inglewood, California
Associate Minister - Straightway Baptist Church - Los Angeles, California
Assistant Pastor - Power of Love Baptist Church - Los Angeles, California
Assistant Pastor - Southern Baptist Church - Compton, California
Evangelist - Living Word Deliverance Ministries -
Pleasant Hall Land, Barbados
Worship Minister - International Outreach Ministries - Villa, Antigua
Worship Minister - Fullness Ministries -Yorks, Antigua

Senior Pastor – Streams of Living Water Outreach Ministries – Hamilton, Ontario