Prophetess Franceine M. Anson


Prophetess Franceine M. Anson is an anointed woman of God who has a powerful call of God on her life.  She is the Co-Pastor of “Streams of Living Water Outreach Ministries” as well as the founder of Inter Caribbean Evangelism Ministries, Int’l.  She has been active in ministry for over 18 years.  Prophetess Anson was born in the island of Antigua in the West Indies.  She had an experiential relationship with the Lord in 1985 when she accepted Him as her Lord and Savior.  During the early interim of her relationship with Christ she began to have numerous visions of herself preaching.  In 1986 a pastor’s wife introduced her to a book on the topic of the baptism of the Holy Spirit.  After reading a portion of this book Prophetess Anson invited the Holy Spirit to fill her.  This infilling brought about a radical change in her life whereby the visions that she had started to have begin to increase propelling her to seek the face of God with all her heart.

Soon she responded to the call of God and began preaching on street corners.  The very first message that she preached was heard by a Baptist pastor who just happened to be driving by the corner where she was preaching.  After hearing her speak he contacted her and invited her to preach a Mother’s Day service on Sunday for his church.  This was the beginning of many pulpits being opened to this dynamic woman of God.  Prophetess Anson later went from street corners to preaching in pulpits, to speaking on television and radio.  One Sunday morning a Nazarene pastor heard her on the radio and sought her out to minister at his church.  This pastor turned out to be instrumental in sending her to the Caribbean Nazarene Theological College’s extension program at the Beacon Light Church of the Nazarene where she received her first local ministerial license.  She willingly took up the call of God on her life and begin to pastor not long after that.  Her other ministerial challenges include:

Interim Pastor - 1st Church of the Nazarene - Gray’s Farm, Antigua
Acting Pastor - Fountain of Love - Sea View Farm, Antigua
Pastor - Liberta Church of the Nazarene - Liberta, Antigua
Pastor - Light in the Wilderness Ministries - Liberta, Antigua

Co-Pastor – Streams of Living Water Outreach Ministries – Hamilton, Ontario

In 2000 the Lord showed her a mantle and told her that He was sending her to the nations to declare His heart to His people.  Prophetess Anson responded to the call of God to take the mandate of the prophetic office and in 2003 the Lord confirmed His call by speaking to her during a prayer meeting.  At this meeting He spoke these words to her: “From today, I will no more call you Pastor, but Prophetess.”  Later that day He further confirmed this through four prophets from other countries who sought her out to anoint her and speak those same words into her life.  She has been walking in the office of Prophetess from that time, lifting up her mantle over the nations and declaring the Word of the Lord.  There are times when the Lord will instruct her to walk barefoot throughout highways and byways and preach the acceptable year of the Lord.  Currently, she, along with her family, has been sent on a mission to the nation of Canada where she recently received pastoral credentials from the Evangelical Association of Canada.  She is the author of 11 books on various subjects including “Spiritual Warfare”, “Church Leadership” and “Time Management in the Body of Christ”.  She ministers powerfully under the anointing of the Holy Spirit in revivals, in seminars and other teaching sessions.

Evangelistic Ministry

Her ministry has covered various churches including the following:

Anglican Churches

Salvation Army Churches United Independent Churches

Wesleyan Holiness Churches Nazarene Churches

Baptist Churches New Testament Churches

Church of God of Prophecy Pentecostal Churches

Non-Denominational Churches

Her prophetic gifting has stretched all across the islands of Antigua, Trinidad, Anguilla, Montserrat and Barbados and currently into the nation of Canada as well.