ICEMINISTRIES Training Academy

Training Academy – We invite you to sow monetary donations to assist us in providing for tutors in this theological training center which will offer pastors and leaders intermediate and advanced training in the area of biblical counseling; clinical counseling and equivalent subject areas.  We envision bringing these facilitators from various parts of the world as well as in house professors and bible teachers and providing them with guest rooms to facilitate their needs while they are on-campus.   We also invite you to sow building materials; books and your time.  If you are a professor or Bible school graduate that is qualified to teach in a particular subject area, you can volunteer your time to facilitate the necessary credit hours per subject.


We envision providing both basic and advanced studies for pastors, lay preachers and other leaders who are endeavoring to remain current and also gain further theological studies.  We also anticipate networking with accredited biblical institutions to provide qualified courses and the necessary diplomas and/or certificates to the student, once that student has successfully finished the course.  It is also our intention to have annual graduation exercises, along with seminars and symposiums.


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