Chikungunya Virus

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Chikungunya Virus

Postby Prophetess on Wed Jun 18, 2014 7:14 am

The meaning of the word 'Chikungunya' is "bend up or bend over". The enemy has established a new strategy of warfare and many in the Body of Christ have been affected by this supposedly new virus which causes you to bend over or bow down.

The enemy wants the people of God to bow down to him so he has come up with a way to force you to bow - bend over.

Let's explore this as the Lord gave me revelation on this strategy while ministering in Dominica where an entire church was affected and closed its doors on Sunday. If the enemy can't get us to bow willingly then he will devise strategies for us to bow by force. I was so amazed by the report of Christians being unable to go to church, unable to walk properly and caused to be constantly bent up in pain that I began to seek the Lord on this "virus". I knew that it came straight from the pit of hell; directly from the kingdom of darkness.

The Lord told me that the enemy is after the Whole Armor of God so that we remain vulnerable and in bondage to this supposedly incurable virus....

I invite you to discuss this topic for the full revelation on Chikungunya.
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