Prophetic Word for 2009

(spoken on January 1, 2009)

And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb
and by the word of their testimony
and they loved not their lives unto the death
Revelation 12:11

The Blood of the Lamb – The element of redemption provided by God for man’s salvation and deliverance from sin and death could come by no other means.  It is this same Blood that has provided us with a covering from the stratagems of darkness and forms a hedge of protection from the wiles of the enemy.  It is therefore the mandate of the Lord that the focus of His people for 2009 should be directed to the theme, “The Power of the Blood of the Lamb.”  We will find the strength and faith to sustain us throughout this year as the exercise of our faith shall be required for us to press our way into the destiny appointed for this dispensation of time; The year of prophetic acts; the year of sign wonders and miracles like never before.


In the year 2008 we saw many of the things prophesied come to pass and we look with great expectations for the same affirmation in 2009.  The Holy Spirit has been showing me many things concerning the nations of the world for the past few months and already we are seeing the manifestations of some of these things.  The prophetic Word written in one of the devotionals sent through “The Prophetic Voice Daily Devotional” spoke of the decline in the European market and already we are hearing of the decline of the euro and fears of the economic condition within that region.  It is within the scope of prophesy for there to be some concern about this decline, as we will see many fluctuations arising in this area.  Near panic will be on the horizon as many businesses will suffer loss in the months ahead.  Europe will seek to form allegiances in order to stabilize, but these allegiances will prove detrimental to their efforts. 

Japan and many Asian countries will experience climatic changes and will see much disaster this year.


China – This country will strive to make a dominant presence felt in the world.  We will see many new manufacturers arising from this area in an effort to corner the market in many areas of industry.  The traffic flow to China will increase as many are being draw to her shores.  The stock market in this region will skyrocket and China will offer her hand to countries that are experiencing economic decline in effort to gain dominance in the world.


Weapons of destruction will surface in areas that have been overlooked as underground labs are discovered which have been secretly producing viruses for chemical/germ warfare.  We will see much of this surfacing within the first three months as strange illnesses will attack military personnel in the Middle East. 

United States – Fear will cause many to panic and withhold their resources, however, there will be what the press will call an ‘overnight miracle’ as the stock market will suddenly rise and stabilize for many months.  There will be strange requests for allegiance from countries that were once hostile.  This new administration will cause the nation to work in a strange harmony; a unity such as this country has never seen before.


Antigua and Barbuda – The first three months will usher in a powerful shift in the Spirit.  There will be a spiritual awakening among God’s people and as the country goes through a season of unrest the fire of the Holy Spirit will be set ablaze to bring revival.  However, a stench shall go forth as the flies in the apothecary’s ointment as things hidden are revealed.  Conflict shall erupt and for a short season violence will try to prevail but the prayers of the righteous shall prevail against it.   An influx of strange people shall come, promising many things with flattering tongues, but the prayers of the righteous shall prevail.


Liberia – The rain of the Spirit shall flow and the spirit of isolation and terror shall cease, for Liberia shall prosper and the favour of the Lord shall be upon her.  Encouragement and support shall come from strange places.  Many shall threaten but the hand of the Lord shall prevail and save her.


The enemy will send his missiles of fear and panic to cause many world leaders to loose hope and react.  Some will make drastic mistakes which will cause nations to suffer both loss of life and loss in the economy.


The mobilization of missionaries to territories unchartered and a visitation of old ones shall be on the rise.  Many will leave their secular jobs to follow the call of the mission field as there is an urgency in the Spirit to go into the entire world and preach the gospel.  It is the year of Gospel explosion, as the Spirit will woo and draw many to run with the Word.  Prophets and Prophetesses will emerge from places unheard of as the Lord shall release His hidden ones which were prepared for this dispensation of time.  I hear the voice of the Lord saying, “It is your fullness of time, arise and go forth.”  Declare the Lord’s doings among the heathen.  It is the year of the uprising of men.  Men shall arise and begin to take back their families and stand on their watch.  The year of the Lord’s release as with one word change shall come.  I hear the Lord saying, “Speak; declare a thing and I shall perform it.”   


A lull; a time of peace will deceive many into complacency, but the righteous shall stand in the gap to make up the hedge. 


Jamaica – An unusual period of peace will rest upon this island and we will see a migration of natives returning from foreign lands to invest in its development.  Programs for the youths and help for the destitute will be the focus of many that will return from the four winds of the universe to dwell there.


Barbados – Uncertainty and new allegiance will bring wealth for a period of time to this island.  Jobs will be on the increase and trade will improve but for a short time.  Herein lies the dilemma of trusting in uncertain riches for that which shall emerge will only be for a time as the pride of this island shall be broken.


St. Kitts and the islands of the Caribbean will see revival in the latter months of this year and many pastors shall be revived.  Many shall openly repent and shall be restored to ministry, for I hear the Lord saying, “I will restore and will call forth My sons and daughters from degradation. I will cause My anointing to flow from them and those which despised them shall see My glory upon them.”


Many world renowned people shall die within this year and their death shall shake many.   

This is the Lord’s doing among some of the nations of the world for it is His good pleasure to reveal His secrets unto His servants the prophets.  Get ready for the move of God; get ready for the manifestation of promises to unfold.  A new day; a new season and a new time under the sun for the children of God and for the chosen of the Lord; “Come and eat” says the Lord, “Sup with Me for I Am your God.”