Streams Of Living Water

Outreach Ministries

The vision of “Streams of Living Water Outreach Ministries” is to be a place of not only healing and deliverance but a place where the people of God are trained and equipped to operate in the things of God both within and outside of the four walls of the church.  To accomplish this vision the following components are to be put in place:

Biblical Extension Courses – Curriculum designed by this ministry to foster and encourage further study in the Word of God to those both in ministry and those sensing the call of God on their lives to enter ministry who desire to attend a Bible college or seminary in the future or who simply want to become more effective in their local church.  The program of study will be classroom oriented and facilitated by a multiplicity of lecturers and instructors who themselves have sought the face of God and cultivated a fresh desire to see people mentored and taught so that they become effective ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Remedial Forums – A vehicle of this ministry through which Godly counsel and support in the diverse rudimentary elements of deliverance are made available to people struggling with personal issues.  These services will be offered under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and made possible through the voluntary and charitable efforts of individuals specifically trained and qualified to offer prayer and advice from a spiritual perspective to the end that hurting individuals are brought to a place of liberation from all forms of mental and spiritual despair.

Ministry Empowerment Education – A division of training modules created by this ministry to effectively equip altar workers, intercessory, deliverance and worship teams with tools necessary to flow in the ministry of assisting the man or woman of God as they minister before the congregation.  Teaching materials along with seminar centered symposiums will be utilized as a means of instructing on the various methods of properly ministering in these offices so that anyone interested can competently function in their local church.

Ministerial Evangelism Prototypes – A calculated process whereby this ministry begins to network with local pastors to target specific communities in and around the vicinity where their churches are located so as to begin to evangelize and bring lost souls not only to the church but into the Kingdom of God.   Part of the strategy for this system will involve a spiritual mapping out of the community in terms of the people and their various needs whereby teams of dedicated individuals are not only trained to know effective means of witnessing but also are equipped with varying levels of information so that as they go into a specific location there is a spiritual discernment at work within them to know what to look for and how to pray over the community.

Public Resources Domain – A collaborated effort between this ministry and different municipal and governmental agencies so that we will begin to pool our resources in an effort to afford the community at large with various avenues to receive the assistance and the services that are available to meet their family, personal and physical needs.  In conjunction with local organizations this ministry will offer certain benefits to the people of the community that they normally would not be able to receive otherwise.

Abuse Outreach Support – An outreach tool developed by this ministry to offer support to hurting men, women and children who suffer from the different classifications of abuse.  This tool will cover a broad spectrum to cover the subject in its entirety from physical and emotional to alcohol and drug abuse.  Various training sessions are to be conducted to give fresh insight into knowing the signs of abuse and understanding the nature of abuse in its different forms as well as knowing what to do and what not to do when attempting to help a victim of abuse or a person battling abuse issues.